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Fri Sep 19 @ 6:00PM
Zumba With Angie
Fri Sep 19 @ 7:15PM
Shhh (Heidi)
Sat Sep 20 @ 9:00AM
Zumba/ZToning (Angie)
Sat Sep 20 @10:15AM
Hit It!® Kickbox (Heidi)
Sun Sep 21 @10:00AM
Vinyasa Yoga (Carmen)
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ProFIT Club: thank you for your inquiry Mannequin, YES you can come to any of the classes. No membership needed and your first class is $5 with drop in fees of $8 afterward. The next kickboxing class is Thurs. at 6:30pm. hope to see you there! Heidi
Mannequin22: Could I just walk in to try a class or do i need to reserve a spot in the class?
Mannequin22: Can I just walk in to try any class? Iam new at the area and want to get a good kickboxing/cardio class but don't want to commit with any memberships until I've tried it. Thanks
ProFIT Club: Awesome, I look forward to meeting you!
R1: Thanks so much! I can't wait to try it this week!
ProFIT Club: we also use the stability ball and resistance bands.
ProFIT Club: the T.B.S class is 7-8min. cardio warmup, then isolating each muscle group and working out with barbells and/or handweights working each muscle group for 3-4mins. Including upper, lower, and core.
R1: Hi could you please tell me what the Total Body Sculpt class is like? Thank you!
ProFIT Club: Not at this time Amarelis, but we are considering the change from Wed. night to Thursday. Will keep everyone posted.
Amarelis : It's is possible a zumba toning class on Thursday around 6:30 pm!?
Guest_8301: Morning times between 7-9 . Anytime in between during weekdays.
ProFIT Club: thanks for the feedback, will keep you posted on whether we can bring that 10am spot back.
Guest_7148: Zumba or Zumba/Toning
ProFIT Club: Guest 7148 what kind of class?
Guest_7148: 10 AM classes be nice
ProFIT Club: Guest 7801 new guest are ALWAYS welcome at EVERY CLASS. What time in the mornings would you like to see class and when?
Guest_7801: New guest at Zumba class for tomorrow are welcome??
Guest_7801: I'll love morning classes too please!
ProFIT Club: Guest 8301 what time in the morning were you looking for?
Guest_8301: Will morning classes every occur for Profit? I love coming to the classes but working during the day and commuting , i can never attend classes. I really wish there were morning classes.
ProFIT Club: Guest 7148 all weekday classes have been cancelled due to my schedule change, so when they start banging down the door for an am. class, then I'm all for it :)
ProFIT Club: Guest 6410, yes it is I am back and nice and relaxed and tanned from Mexico, now it's time to WORK
Guest_6410: Is today's schedule up to date with a class at 5:30 ? Thnx !
Guest_7148: That's funny - it keeps coming up - maybe your AM time is not ideal for people and that's why it doesn't work.
ProFIT Club: Egads woman, please take it easy and ease your way back in to it.
Pam: Thanks Heidi. I bruised a couple of ribs this weekend so, I'm gonna miss a couple of classes. Gonna try again with Angie's class on Friday
ProFIT Club: lol I know Pam, I was here and seen only her, I missed your WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol hope all is well, see ya soon
Guest_7632: Hi, it's Pam Mayer. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I was not at class tonight (only Amanda) I didn't want you to assume that we were both there
ProFIT Club: Guest 6915 thank you for the feedback, will take it under consideration.
Guest_6915: Heidi please Pleaseeee bring Sylvia to offer some total body sculpting class. She is amazing.
ProFIT Club: No problem Angela, thank you so much for stopping through! See ya soon!
Guest_2589: Loved the ABS class this eve!!!!! Thank you so much for being open on Labor Day! I soooooo needed it after this long weekend!
ProFIT Club: Guest 9350, Yes Ma'am
Guest_9350: Do we have julie zumba class today at 6:30 pm
ProFIT Club: Guest 2589 will defintiely look to see if it can be moved to another nite. Thanks for the feedback.
ProFIT Club: Guest 7148, at this time we are not offering am classes until the need arises. We've attempted a couple times and it hasn't been successful.


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