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Sat Aug 23 @ 9:00AM
Zumba/ZToning (Angie)
Sat Aug 23 @10:15AM
Hit It!® Kickbox (Heidi)
Sun Aug 24 @10:00AM
Vinyasa Yoga (Carmen)
Sun Aug 24 @11:15AM
Total Body Sculpt With Heidi
Mon Aug 25 @ 5:30PM
Total Body Sculpt (Sylvia Subbing)
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ProFIT Club: Guest 2034 it was supposed to have been last night, but the instructor had an emergency and was stuck in New Jersey. It will now be this Thursday night at 6:30 in place of my Kickboxing class and it will be FREE and 45mins. long.
Guest_2034: So confused - was the free class tonight or is it Thurs? Its listed in two different places with two different dates.
ProFIT Club: Guest 9273 we took away the class because of lack of interest at that time and more importantly the instructor decided to move to the Eastern Shore.
ProFIT Club: Guest2734 there are a few pairs of toning sticks available for use here at the studio and we also have regular hand weights as well. If you have them by all means you are welcomed to bring them.
Guest_9273: Has anyone tried the 7am Zumba class? I thought it was still going on for Aug but when I checked the schedule here prior to going earlier this week it wasn't there anymore - is that no longer available?
Guest2734: For ZToning: do we need to bring weights?
ProFIT Club: Guest 1255, Just say you're with ProFIT and you're fine. Hope to see you there in the morning, I'll be there!
Guest_1255: how do we sign up for warrior fitness bootcamp?
ProFIT Club: Guest 1455 Maybe its something to consider in Sept/Oct.
ProFIT Club: Guest 6999 no reservation needed, however it is first come so get there early so we don't run out of space.
Guest_6999: Do we have to rsvp for pound tomorrow?
Guest_1455: the Zumba class on weekdays is too early, wish it was a little later like 7:45
ProFIT Club: Guest2, we will give the 7am Zumba class another month to see if it catches on. So it will continue for August.
ProFIT Club: Guest2 it was a surprise to us all that Alex was able to come back so soon for a visit. Hopefully she's able to give us more notice next time.
Guest2: Will you not be continuing the 7am zumba class?
Guest2: So sad to have missed ZToning with Alex! Maybe next time there could be more notice - would have changed my schedule to make THAT class.
ProFIT Club: Hi Guest 9377 there haven't been any changes to Friday night, just the addition of Shhh twice a month and a Doonya when available.
Guest_9377: please leave Friday's class the way it is. Maybe a 5:30am or 6am ztoning class on Friday is not such a bad idea
Guest_9377: please leave Friday's class the way it is.
ProFIT Club: Guest: the 7am is all zumba, no toning. This is a new class so I haven't been able to gauge it yet, but take the first class on me to see if you like it.
ProFIT Club: guest 1760 I will let Kristen know
ProFIT Club: Guest 6388: I will let her know.
ProFIT Club: Guest 5456: Angie does teach on Tuesday night Zumba Toning Class at 6:15, glad you enjoy her class. Maybe we can change Friday's class from just Zumba to Ztoning as well, will consider. Thanks for the input
Guest: What is the pace of the 7am Zumba class? Is it all zumba or is there any toning?
Guest1760: Kristen awsome dancer best dancer i ever seen in a intyer life
Guest_1913: Hello
Guest_6388: Hey kristen is a really good zumba teacher #gooddancer
Guest_5456: Is there a possibility of having an extra toning class in the week (rather than weekend) in the near future? We love Angies class.
Guest_5456: Is there a possibility of having an extra toning class in the week (rather than weekend) in the near future? We love Angies class
ProFIT Club: Guest 1750 we are still revamping that class and will keep you in the loop with at least 1mo. advance notice of when it will begin.
ProFIT Club: Guest 4936: there is NO dancing involved in the class and YES we do to actual punches and kicks. It is a cardio kickboxing class you make it as intense as you need to.
Guest_1750: Do you plan to have belly dance classes? If so, when will it be? Thanks!
ProFIT Club: Hi Kathy, the class is at 11:15am.
Kathy m: Hi Heidi, I wanted to know what time does the 90 min of Zumba toning with Alex start? It's this Sunday right?
Guest_4938: Hi, how intense is the kickbox class? are we actually doing kicks (ax-kicks, roundhouses, etc?) or is it more dance-oriented? thx.
ProFIT Club: So excited for Shhh tonight


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