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  Se Habla ESPANOL

Sun Apr 20 @ 8:00AM
Mon Apr 21 @ 5:30PM
Hit It!® HardCORE (Heid)
Mon Apr 21 @ 6:30PM
Zumba (Julie)
Mon Apr 21 @ 7:45PM
Doonya (Barb)
Tue Apr 22 @ 5:45AM
Total Body Sculpt
Options Smileys
ProFIT Club: Yes because it's still in it's infancy stage, it will be attainable for all. Just remember to have fun, and bring out your inner bad girl!
Guest_1967: So it sounds like its a basic class good for beginners on any level - hope I can make it!
ProFIT Club: Shhh is my brain child. There aren't any complex moves, everything is geared toward making you feel sexy while you sweat. The music selection goes from These Boots Are Made For Walking up to some hits for today. It's a class to have fun, be sexy and flirty while trimming and toning your core.
Guest_1967: What is the level of coordination, strength, etc for the Shhh class? Is this ideal for someone new to working out etc? Or is it a more complex class?
ProFIT Club: yes we're keeping it, as I put in the comment below, don't be alarmed, still working on posting everything lol. :D
Guest_5297: I am hoping we keep the Saturday 9am Ztoning with Angie. I love that class and the time is perfect. (for me that is) I am hoping others feel the same.!!!
ProFIT Club: Don't be alarmed when you look at the May calendar, still getting confirmations, not complete yet 8)
ProFIT Club: Total Body Sculpt we warm with cardio for 7-8mins. than go to isolated exercise using hand weights, our natural body weight, the stability ball and floor work. There has been between 1-2 people there, so we've considered it a personal training session :D more than happy for you to come and join us.
Guest_2455: Hi there! I would like to try the total body sculpt class tomorrow morning. Could u tell me what. The class is about? R there people that go to the very early morning class?
ProFIT Club: Join us tonight for 5:30 Hit It!® Hardcore 6:30 Zumba With Alex 7:45 Doonya With Barb
ProFIT Club: I am working on the schedule now, will be up by Friday at the LATEST, finalizing a few things.
Guest_1609: When will the May schedule be posted?
ProFIT Club: Join us and shake off the inches with Alex at 11:15 on Sunday 4/13. Get toned and fabulous...see you there.
Alex: can't wait for Sunday Toning at 11:15. We are going to Party and kill tons of calories! Miss my ProFITers!
Alex: Yes, you can Drop In!!
Guest_1609: ... clarify... are classes drop-in or do you need to sign up?
Guest_1609: Can you drop-in?
ProFIT Club: It's actually unlimited visits for the month. You go to as many classes as you want during the month. Covers all classes except the Bellydance class and if there is a specialized event such as a Zumbathon.
Guest_8321: what is Unlimted Month fees mean?
ProFIT Club: There are no videos of Shhh as I have newly created it. We are doing exercise moves with a flirty edge to it, like a little extra hip and twist to it nothing to over the top.
ProFIT Club: Total body sculpt we are doing a litle cardio in the beginning, then using the hand weights to real tone and shape our arms, legs and abs as well as other weight bearing exercises.
ProFIT Club: Hi Susan, thanks for the feedback, still tinkering with the schedule will see what I can do with adjusting it.
Guest_9438: What is the total body sculpt class? :)
Guest_9438: What is the total body sculpt class?
Guest_1111: Is there a video you saw for Shhh? I want to see what this is really like before possibly taking.
Guest_8410: Shhhh looks like fun! Susan Y
Guest_8410: Hi Heidi - it's Susan Y - I love Tai Chi, but 8:30 is a bit late for me. I'd try up to 8.
ProFIT Club: LOL turn out wasn't great, only had one, but not giving up hope yet, will see it through the end of the month and re-evaluate then. Don't forget about 5:45 on Thurs & Fri.
Guest_4001: Oh My! forgot about the 5:45am class today. Got my dates mixed up. I hope you had a promising turn out Heidi
ProFIT Club: That would be me, Heidi
Guest_5304: Who will be teaching Shhh?
ProFIT Club: I am super excited to bring Shhh to ProFIT!
Guest_3492: Shhh sounds awesome!
ProFIT Club: I want to try it out first to make sure people likedit, then wanted to make it a permanent fixture.
Guest_007: Will you be adding more Shhh to the schedule?
ProFIT Club: Guest 58304 Shhh is a sexy low impact cardio class. Almost like a Burlesque class eventually we'll add in some chair dancing with it depending on how many people are in class.


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